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Different objects drawn in the same frame?


I use the app for ipad and I wonder if it's possible to group objects together so that they are drawn in the same frame without focus/zoom changing. As it is, if I place two objects close to each other or one slightly above another, the frame still moves treating each object individually and putting it in the center. I would like to have perhaps a text and two or three images in the same frame and have them drawn one after another without the frame changing. Is that possible?



There is no way to manually set the camera position in the current version of the iPad app (August 2016).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for a quick reply!

Do you know if that's possible in the computer (or other) version?


yes, you can set a camera position for each element in the computer version of videoscribe .

That means you can have multiple elements using the same camera position.

-Mike (videsocribe user)


Hi Mike, how do you set the camera position for each element on video scribe so that they show up in the same frame?


Hi Devyn,

The following video tutorial shows you how to set the same camera position for multiple elements.

Learn how to move around the canvas, import your own images and adjust timings in VideoScribe version 2.

Moving around the canvas – camera position and zoom (00:27)

Importing images – bringing in your own images (04:49)

Adjusting scribe timings – animate, pause and transition (08:16)


Worksheet tutorial 2 (PDF)

All tutorial worksheets (PDF)


Example scribe file

Example scribe image (JPG)

Example scribe image (SVG)

Example scribe video

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