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Videoscribe Font problem

I cant write letters in capital and small letters and if i am writing in capital and small letters (I could not write in bold).

Example:If i am selecting Comic Sans Ms font it is coming in light letters without any bold letters and if i am selecting basic it is coming in bold but in all capital letters.

I saw even the tutorials . Dont ask me to see tutorials Please Give me answer

Comic sans ms is not bold so it will not be bold in videoscribe. If you want "comic sans ms BOLD" then download and install "comic sans ms BOLD" on your computer and import it into videoscribe.

You can import any true type font that is installed on your computer.
Click the T icon to open the text window, then click the F icon in the text window to import fonts.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


How to import Comic Sans Ms font in bold to videoscribe? 

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