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Image Import Size?

It's been a while since I last used VideoScribe - long enough that I had to reactivate my subscription. I was excited that the new version was 2.3.5...the last I had used was 2.2.

However, I find that some of the old ills still seem to plague this promising program. I hope I'm missing something here.

Is it not possible to import images in relative size to other images? I have created a montage in AI...all line weights and relative image sizes are exactly where I want them to be. I separate each image, save it as an SVG, and then import all of the resulting images into VideoScribe.

Here's the problem...each image imports at some random size!! This means that when resized, the line weights change! And it is almost impossible to line things up accurately, as you cannot even resize numerically.

This is going to add hours to my workflow, as the animation that my client wants calls for image masking, and multiple-color images drawn with like-color pens. I must separate reds from blacks per image, for example, so that a red pen can draw the red parts. But trying to get the various parts reassembled is a nightmare!!

Please, please tell me I'm stupid and just missing the answer right in front of me!! I don't want to have to finish my videos in After Effects. I am losing money!!

Thank you for any help you can give me.



For example if you have 3 images that need to align perfectly:
1) draw thm or align them in AI
2) use the ellipse tool to make an ellipse that just barely encloses all of the strokes and fills. put it on the bottom layer, make it a white fill with no stroke. change its opacity to 0%
3) when you export the separate SVGs, export the ellipse with each one
4) when you import them into videoscribe, import them immediately one afgter the other without changing the camera position. You may want to click "set camera after importing each one.

They should line up perfectly and they should share the same center point so they should scale perfectly if you select them all and scale them together.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I will try this hack! Thank you Mike!

(But isn't sad you have to outsmart the program?)



Hi Mike,

I applied the 4-step technique you described above. If I am not wrong, the "ellipse" technique introduces some latency in the drawing by videoscribe (despite the the "no stroke" property).

1) Am I right ?

2) If I am right, is there a way to avoid this latency ?



If you mean a delay, then I believe the answer is no.
If the SVG contains any stroked paths then the unstroked ellipse is not drawn and takes no time. Also the ellipse tool makes a shape with only 4 points so there should not be a noticeable increase in file size.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Thanks a lot Mike.

I forgot to reduce the pause and transition durations to zero. There is indeed no more delay now.

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