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Improved/REAL Autosave


Currently what VideoScribe offers and calls an "auto-save" is in reality a "project-recovery" feature. If the program crashes while you work, it will load the last saved auto-save of the project. This is good to have, but it is grossly inadequate.

- I can't access any folders with an auto-save history of my project
- The only way to access the most recent auto-saved version of my project is for the program to crash.
- I want to be able to go back through time on my project by choosing from a list of regularly saved intervals of my project as one can do with any of Adobe's video products.

Due to some of VideoScribes many quirks/bugs; specifically, the one that prevents you from saving an imported Scribe file with a new name without first saving it to your "base folder" with its original name, I have accidently lost valuable work. Please implement a true auto-save in VideoScribe.

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