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No Sound

I uploaded a voice over to put into my video and it plays in the preview but I saved it to my computer and the sound is gone and I put it on the thinking it would work there but there's still no sound

Please help!

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And the pictures I had in my VideosScribe are in the preview but not when I render them

Will need to take a look at this one. Please save the scribe to the online cloud folder and let us know what it's called and we can download it from there. Also if the voiceover is an imported MP3 would be handy to attach to the post for us as well. 

If you would like to keep your work private then log a ticket instead and attach there

I had the same problem. Playing in Scribe is OK (voice over and sound track). When converting to a movie, sound is lost.
I did do a short scribe with just voice over that played OK in movie format.


try deleting the sound files and then importing them back in.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike, I tried this before but didn't work. Any other thoughts? Thanks.


You could attach your sound files here so support can look at them.

You could try attaching them to a new empty scribe to determine if there is just a problem with your other scribe (like too much memory used)

-Mike ( videoscribe user)


It would be worth saving and exiting the scribe file after you have deleted the audio. Then opening again and readding and saving. This would remove the audio from the project completely and the create completely new audio links.

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