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Can't "unclick" an element

This is my first time using VideoScribe. After using the app for a little bit of time, whenever I choose an element - either an SVG image or a text box - I can't "unclick" it so it keeps getting larger or smaller whenever I move my cursor, and there's no way to click off of it without closing out of VideoScribe.

I've tried clicking into the timeline but that doesn't work.

It's extremely frustrating to the point that it's not possible to use the software at all.

I also have been unable to move any element without using the up and down arrows - dragging doesn't work. I'm using a Macbook Air and my mouse pad works for every other application.... just not this one. Any ideas?


please attach your .scribe file here if you want specific feedback.
Also mention the version number of videoscribe that you are using.

or read about:
Things that cause Videoscribe to behave erratically.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Here it is. I'm using 2.3.4. 

I haven't been able to reproduce the symptom you described and I don't think I have seen that exact symptom mentioned before. Maybe support will have some suggestions.

The zoom levels look reasonable,
the total file size of the scribe seems good
the length of the scribe seems pretty short
the elements are grouped pretty close together.
All of those things do not indicate a cause for problems.

have you made other scribes previously with no problems? or does this always happen?

the following suggestions are pretty much just wild guesses:
If the images in your scribe are videoscribe library images they should be fine. if they are custom images, then they might be causing a problem. you could resave them using the settings suggested in my previous link.

if you have a ton of fonts imported into videoscribe, delete any that you are not using as they hog memory.

try to notice if the problems start when using shift+click or any other specific key combination.

I don't think it could be a track pad problem but you could try using a regular mouse for a short time to see what happens.

customer support may have different/better advice for you.

Sorry I don't have anything more concrete to offer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Sandy, sounds to me like an issue we have with the command key on Mac. If you close VideoScribe and re-open it and then don't use the command key can you unselect the item?

It's gotten better after closing out of the app and restarting it. Thanks to Mike and Barry for the help.

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