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cant login

Why does it say 'to use offline mode, you must first login online on this device'? what does that mean and what do I have to do? So frustrating

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it means videoscribe is having difficulty contacting the login server at Sparkol.

There could be a number of reasons...

I'm able to login so we can assume there is not a problem with the server.

out of curiosity:
1) what is your operating system?
2) desktop computer or laptop?
3) wireless internet connection or connected by a cable?
4) have you tried restarting your computer?
5) have you been able to successfully login before (ever)?
6) were you using videoscribe within the last day and left it logged in?

I'm not sure a definite reason has ever been found for this problem. There are some other threads about it. I have a suspicion that it happens on wireless connections on laptops mostly. I have never had the problem on my very average desktop computer with a wired internet connection.

We might eventually learn that it only happens when people are using an email client or an instant messenger or some other random thing.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That error is caused by either a bad internet connection or a setting on your PC not allowing VideoScribe to connect and check your account. How to fix this is covered in our help pages are and here's a link to that article - VideoScribe won't open – error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' appears. If you follow the steps there that should sort things out.

Also try ticking the 'Remember Me' box as this will allow you to log-in offline once you have made a connection while online once.

I followed up the link above but still its not helping what should i do?


If you log a support ticket and include some screen shots of the settings you have in place in terms of TLS and your Firewall we can check them over and make some suggestions.

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