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Exportar video con la version de prueba


me acabo de descargar la version de prueba y quiero exportar mi video para subirlo a Facebook y a Youtube. Pero solo me da la opción de guardarlo como archivo scribe o online.

¿No se puede exportar de otra manera con la versión de prueba?

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Sounds to me like you are using the save option rather than publish. You need to select publish to be able to get to YouTube and Facebook

The same thing happened to me last night, I've been trying to uploaded to Facebook and after a long time waiting (45') aprox. it just stops or shows a message saying there was an error; I'Ve also tried sharing it on FB and it doesn't work either.
This was a task for the University in because of this issue I could not hand the video in on time.
P.S My file is called ENFOQUE MIXTO and is on the cloud.


Queria saber como quitar de las hojas lo que dice gratuito e tratado de quitarselo pero no me permite

Free trial users cannot remove the videoscribe logo from their videos.

Pro (paying) members can save videos without the logo.

-Mike (videocribe user)

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