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Please help me I lost my work

Last night I saved video scibe as usual and I went to bed. The morning after all y projects were blank ...

Im heartbroken 

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Basia, I'm going to convert this to a support ticket so we can take a closer look for you.

hello, i saved my scribe online but when i reopen the next day after the scribe just blank...please help me.. i really need that- im using the 7 days free trial

PLEASE LOOK OUT TO MY PROBLEM... i really need that project...

We do have some things we can try to recover your work but some of the directions we go through we keep off the public forums as it involves searching the base folders and we don't want people doing that unguided as that's where all your data is stored. If you raise a support ticket we can go through that with you. 

Useful things to include would be.

- How much data you have lost (whole scribe blank or just a segment missing)

- Name of the scribe file effected

- Where this was saved (base folder, online, exported)

- Save the file to the online cloud folder so we can download it

- Talk us through the last thing you did when the scribe was working fine so we can try and narrow down what caused this.


Please provide much more information about where you saved your work, and what type of account you have, and how many accounts you have made, and how many computers you use, and any error messages you see, and any other details that might help anyone understand the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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