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We are aware that accessibility rules are different in all over the globe and requirements may vary but at Sparkol we are quite interested to find out what people think about how well VideoScribe caters to the visually and hearing impaired.

Obviously the voice-over capability and text writing capability give you options to play with but can we do more and how many of our customers would this help. Please comment below with your suggestions or just to support other peoples ideas so we can gauge how much work is needed to improve this aspect of our software.

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For hearing impaired: perhaps you can add a "notes" section which could be used to render closed-captioning. For visually impaired: something similar could be used to create a "described video" narration, either with a computer-generated voice, or add a second narration audio option to allow this. Also, having the option to change icon and font size in the software itself would be useful. For all: Having a basic in-built audio editor would also be helpful, to help sync narration to timeline.

In selecting software vendors, we look at the vendor’s commitment towards accessibility, testing done, tools available, and willingness resolve accessibility issues.

Has this been addressed since the initial question in 2015? We would very much benefit from closed captions/notes of some kind. If so, please advise on how to include close captioning.

the best solution for closed captioning that is accessible to the largest number of viewers is probably to do it on youtube

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Are there any updates on this 508 accessibility issue? I also would like to use it for a government project.


Hi Eva

Can you advise what accessibility requirements you have?

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