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TAWE: Max resolution for imported image?

Hi there,

I love the idea of presenting using TAWE.

I have taken a couple of screenshots on a retina display and put them together to a 16256 x 5140 jpg. That is 4x2 screens that I want to explain to an audience by hovering across.

The Image quality is too poor for that purpose. What is the max resolution TAWE can handle without loosing detail or getting blurrish?



Frank, that's a good question. Not sure of the answer but I will find out and add it to our knowledge base... watch this space!

Thanks Barry.

In the meantime I have just split up my demos in 8 individual TAWES with 4064x2570 px - they look great. I can zoom those anywhere between 40% (full image) and 200% (a section I want to talk about) and that works without losing any detail.

Talk soon


Awesome glad you got it working. I'm still waiting on the maximum resolution but as soon as I have it I will let you know

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