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I'm having A HARD TIME lol

Hey guys i am having a really HARD time to make a simple scribe man...

The problem i am having is that i can't simply FADE OUT the previous clips in the canvas

so when i create a new text or place a new image, the previous clip stays showing in the screens

and the câmera movements are so crazy and without any control

the câmeras go up, then go down out of a sudden

there is no control on this câmeras...

and the thing that i hate is that i can't make this previous vídeos that i have created in the screen simply disappear.

but WHAT I WANT is simple: I want to display ONE clip at a time in the screen

Withou displaying the previous clip in the same canvas/screen anymore for each new clip / text / image

you know guys ?

so how can i do that ?

i'm having a real hard time here to make one simple vídeo man

sometimes the new clip is displayed alone in the screen with no problems

and i don't know WHY...

but most of the time the new clips i create are displayed in the screen along with the previous one

the câmera just make a crazy movement to some steps ahead

but the previous clip remains in the screen

and no for the size of the composition it's impossible to use the eraser feature for each clip

the vídeo will be around 5 minutes so it's impossible to work with this big eraser bars in the Project timeline

so any suggestion here guys as to how to make the Project display only ONE vídeo per screen and not the previous ones in the same screen ?


David, sounds to me like you just need to make sure each of the elements you are drawing has a fair bit of white space around it when you place it on the canvas and that you need to make sure that you DO NOT set a camera position for any item as then the camera will just focus on the one thing it is drawing. 

As you're new to scribing I would highly recommend our bootcamp video series to take you through the basics. The second video concentrates specifically on moving the camera around the canvas

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