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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

This Question already has been asked, but since i, and obviously many other people would really appreciate that feature, i want ot ask again.

Can you add a fade-in / fade -out feature?
This is really a basic, i always have to use a second program to add for example fades. It should not be so complicated, is it? There already is the possibility to change the opacity (value % solid).

I imagine this feature to be pretty easy to realize but it would make this software 10 times more useful!

I already know and read:
"Thanks for the idea. This will be considered by our development team for inclusion in a future release."


Hi, This is a duplicate feature idea. Please vote for the original ( by hitting the 'Like' option under the original idea. The more likes an idea gets the more consideration it will be given so best to keep all the love for an idea on one thread

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