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How did they do this?

 This ad that accompanies this video says it was made with Video Scribe-  I would love to learn how to do these animations-  can someone point me in the directions of instructions how to do these.

I use an ad blocker, but I suspect that the ad was chosen by Google/youtube based on keywords or your search terms, and not on the actual content of the video.

I believe that it is not a videoscribe video but probably something like toon boom, anime studio, or some other 2d animation program.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks so much-  that makes sense.


Bev, I saw the advert and that is VideoScribe. In terms of instructions if you sign up for a free trial you also get access to 2 free eBooks called How to Design Your Own Whiteboard Animation and The Secrets Behind the Rise of Video Scribing which will give you a lot of useful information on getting the best out of this communication tool. We also have some really helpful Tutorial and Bootcamp videos to walk you through creating your first scribe.

I did just get a subscription about 2 months ago and I didn't get those books-  I want those books!  How do I get them?


I already have a subscription- If I sign up for another free trial can I get the books?


Bev... books are free! Just log-in with you existing account and you'll see them on your homepage (

There are some interesting articles in the Blog as well that you may find helpful!

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