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video won't play in PowerPoint 2010


I've downloaded a free trial and created a project that I need to show to my boss in 2 days.  I can't get it to play in PowerPoint 2010.  It gets to the first shot of the hand and that's it.  I've tried a few of the troubleshooting techniques - changing the poster frame and clicking on start automatically - neither worked.

I've used Videoscribe in another job and it worked terrifically so I'm trying to make a case for this organization to purchase a subscription.  Not going to happen if I can't get the video to play!  Please help!


You may want to save the scribe (work file) online and tell support the name of it.
There might be a problem with your scribe that they can help you resolve.

Even if there isn't a problem, at least they can render it and see if it will play in powerpoint for them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Morning, more than happy to take a look for you if you can save your scribe to the online cloud folder.

There are ways of amending the settings in PowerPoint to play the embedded video in different ways. Check out this Microsoft help page which explains those. Also you can Change the displayed thumbnail so it's part of your scribe and not our logo if you wish. 

Also you have the option of uploading to YouTube and embedding the video from there into PowerPoint. 

I have made a video for the same reason and am having the exact same problems as the first guy above.  I saved my file to the cloud, can I get it checked out by someone there?

Hi Deborah,

I've created a support ticket for you regarding this and will respond with more information.

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