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I have selected the music for my scribe (the same I've used for my other scribes) but the selection bar at top just says "no music selected" and it is not working.  In fact, it randomly selected piece that is not even in your list (something Owls).  Please help.

Also, I have upgraded and was looking forward to the larrger edit screen you had mentioned.  I don't see it any larger?


Can you save the scribe to your online directory folder and let us know the name and I'll download it and take a look. Also the name of the music you want would be awesome!

The only other thing that would be good to know is if it's only that scribe that's an issue. Can you open/create a brand new scribe file and add that music successfully?

With regards the larger edit screen, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that? Would you be able to direct me to where you say that or provide some more detail.



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