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Possible to import 1000 words of text / script?

I have a script that is about 1000 words long.

Is there anyway to automatically import the text in, and use some character to show the break for each new slide?

If not, is there any way to make this a faster process?


You will need to copy and paste smaller groups of words, in sizes chosen by you,  into videoscribe as individual elements. As a rough estimate, I would recommend groups of approximately 10-40 words for easy reading.

You will need to place them where you want them to be and set the camera position and timings and any other settings that you want for each group of words.

You can add images from the library or from other sources to make it more visually interesting.

For most uses, I  would recommend a voiceover recording with drawings instead of a whiteboard video where you write out 1000 words, but I don't know what your specific needs are.

The only easier way would be to hire someone to do it for you.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


What do you mean by "voice-over recording w drawings"?  

This is a VSL style video by the way, so typically we would show the text on the screen, possibly along w some images.

By "voice-over recording with drawings" I mean that many whiteboard videos consist of a person's voice reading a script while a hand draws images to compliment the words that are being spoken.

Even if you plan to write out every word, a voice-over can help maintain the viewer's attention and add emphasis where desired. Music is sometimes included as well.

Come to think of it, Sparkol also offers an iPad app that may be more suited to what you want to do: PARAFRAZE!

and another interesting product is


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Scott,

Mike gives you some good advice there. If you are looking for words only our Parafraze app is specifically designed to display words and may be more to your liking. However 1000 words is still a lot and would take a while to tap through the timings. 

With VideoScribe there is only one canvas and not a number of slides as with PowerPoint so you need to move the camera around the canvas and set it's position for the different elements. Also as VideoScribe animates the writing of the words you need to set timings to allow it to do this. The more words there are in an element the harder it is to get that timing correct. For best results I would split the text out and import paragraph by paragraph at a minimum. 

Our Bootcamp Video series give you a really good overview of how to get the best from the product and I would highly recommend them for anyone thinking of using the software 

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support Team

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