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How should I place and order my images on the canvas? Left to right then below?

I tried to place the items in my whiteboard going from right to left and then I drop down a level. It still seems messy, and sometimes the zooms and angles are off when I view. How should I place them? 

I meant "left to right."

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm afraid I do not understand your question I hope that my explanation clears up how VideoScribe's timeline and canvas works.

The timeline orders elements from left to right, so this will be the order in which items are added to the canvas.

By moving things to different positions on the timeline, the order will be effected.

You can position things on the canvas in any order you like as when they are drawn is determined by the timeline order.

If you have images on top of each other, they will be layered based on the timeline order (e.g. the first image will be underneath the last last image).

You can set camera positions on each item or a number of items to the same camera position using the camera options.

We have a number of short Bootcamp tutorials  which will assist you further.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

I sometimes have this issue---the timeline is in the correct sequence but the items on the canvas may be in different places.  When the video goes from one scene to another, it seems to pass over a scene on it's way.  Is the only way to prevent this to go from left to right when placing scenes?


You can go any way you want. If you don't want the camera to cross over existing elements then plan accordingly.

I often arrange elements from left to right, then down and then right to left then down again... making the whole grouping of elements a bit wider than it is tall.

I've also started with a central image and then added smaller elements circling around it.

It's okay to make individual scenes that each start in a blank area, but it is also okay to move the camera in small increments adding new elements alongside existing ones and allowing older ones to slowly disappear as the camera inches along.

You can watch various whiteboard videos on youtube to see what arrangement you prefer.


Dead link on the bootcamp tutorials.  Really would like to see how to use this software.

All links are dead or specific boot camp videos?  Comm with Sparkol directly---they've been good about helping with specific questions and let them know about the dead link.

Yes, it appears that the link from 2015 no longer works... click INSTANT ANSWERS at the top of this page to find a variety or tutorials videos and FAQs...

(I have suggested in the past that INSTANT ANSWERS is not really an intuitive name for that page since most people would be more likely to recognize terms such as "FAQs and Tutorials".)

a google search for videoscribe tutorials would probably work too.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I've amended the link in Joe's old post so it should be working now.

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