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Hello friends...

Would anyone in the Videoscribe community be willing to provide a short remote training session via Webex?  I'm a newbie, have followed all the tutorials but I'm still having trouble with setting camera angles and the relative size and position of items on the screen.  If you're willing to work with me, please reply with contact information. You'd be making an overworked marketing manager so very happy!  With thanks from Lise

Hi Lise,

Sorry you're having issues with setting the camera.

If you're able to provide some more detail on you're trying to achieve and what is happening, we should be able to advise you.

If you have not already, please can you save a copy of it to your online/cloud directory.

Let us know the name of it and the issue you're having with the camera and we can take a look at it for you.

Also, if you are having the problem with the camera gradually zooming in more and more with each element, you can try always clicking "set camera" immediately after importing each image as described here:
CAMERA SETTING TIPS for Videoscribe version 2 (2015)

That is not the "only right way" to work, but it is one way to maintain better control over the zooming and avoid accidental zooming by the program.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks so much guys.  

Joe, I've uploaded the file to the cloud.  It's called 'cost of bad data.'  I'm trying to create individual scenes, each with a picture and text.  After each scene, the camera should move to the next scene with the prior one no longer visible.

Mike, I'll try your suggestion and I've 'liked' it as an enhancement suggestion.

Thanks again, have a great day!


Hi Lise,

Thanks for sharing.

From what I can see you have selected all the elements on your canvas and set them with the same camera position.

I would suggest that you clear the camera positions off all the items to begin with.

Next when you go to create your first scene, make sure that all of these elements are in view of the canvas.

You can do this by using a mouse wheel or the buttons in the bottom left of the canvas.

When you have all the elements of your first scene visible on the canvas you can then select them all (for Windows hold down Ctrl and click on these items in the timeline).

Once they are selected, you can then press the set camera option.

I have save a copy of the scribe where I have done this (you may need to edit this).

I have also shared with you a quick video, showing me doing this on your scribe.

Hi again.  Joe, thanks so much for your follow up.  I looked at the vidoe and I understand what to do, yeah!  Appreciate your help.  I'm a fan.



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