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I have tried twice to add music to my scribe.  It plays and is audible in the preview section.  Once I create a video file then there are pauses in the music when I try and play the video scribe file.  here is what I have tried:

I have tried selecting other music and applying that music to the scribe.  It works fine in the preview but doesn't play clearly once video file is created.

I have also tried deselecting the music and re-selecting the music and re-creating the video file.  Still the music is not clearly audible.

I am using the music that comes with the video scribe software.  I think it is called "Dry Minds".
Please help


Have you tried checking/ ticking the "loop music option?

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If that does not resolve the problem, then  what video format are you exporting and what video player are you using to play it?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i try to download my mp3 file and it won't play?  suggestions?  maybe the file is too big?  it's about 12 megabites.  thx

can't upload my mp3. maybe it's too big?  it actually says its uploaded but no sound.

How long is it? 12MB sounds an awful lot for a genuine MP3 file. Could be it's got an MP3 file extension but is actually a different file type.  I would run it through a converter to make 100% sure it's a genuince MP3 file.

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