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Timeline gone

I was unable to select more than one element at a time using the Shift or Option on Mac so I decided to close and reopen VideoScribe. Now the Timeline is gone completely. 

v. 2.2.4

Is this a known bug? I am trying to do billable work but this program seems very buggy and I am concerned it is not stable enough to rely on.

here's a related thread that may help:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you. I'm sure it had to do with fonts. I had just installed several new fonts trying to get a "bullet point" to show up.

Hi Ray, sorry you encountered this issue.

It could be font related if you are trying to enter a character that VideoScribe cannot translate in the selected font you have used.

We can fix it if you share the scribe with us.

Please save a scribe to your cloud and raise a support ticket, let us know the name of the scribe and we can fix it for you.

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