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Adding music

When I add the track I would like to have as background music, it won't save and kicks me out of the app. Can you please help. Also it did the same thing when I did my voiceover, it let me record it, however wouldn't save it and kicked me out of the app.

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Sorry you have this issue.

You mention that it is a problem with the app, are you using the iPad version or the desktop version?

Can you create a new test scribe with 1 images and are you allowed to add a soundtrack and/or voiceovers?

If so then it may be a memory issue on the scribe you're having issues with. in this situation, can you save a copy of the scribe to your cloud directory and let us know the name of it?


Hi Joe

I am having a similar problem (on the PC version). I tried adding an mp3 audio file but it did not work so I used the voiceover slot instead. The music plays when the scribe is in preview mode but resets to 0 sec once I save it.

Hi Ilina,

Sorry you also have this problem.

Can you ensure that you're using the current version of VideoScribe (2.2.4).

If you are and you still have the issue, please save the scribe to the cloud as mentioned in my response to Amanda.

Once you have done this, please raise a support ticket and we will be able to deal with your issue directly.

I am trying to start my video with a audio playback initially for 2 seconds followed by image. how am i suppose to achieve this ?

Use a dummy element.

1) Add any image as the first image in your scribe.
2) give it a 1 second draw time and a 1 second pause and no transition time.
3) Click "set camera" to set the camera position and then move the image somewhere off screen where it won't be seen.
4) add the next element and click "set camera" again to keep the camera in the same place, with the new element visible

5) Add the rest of your images as normal.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


yes - I am having the same difficulty ,,as choosing a track it doesn't kick into the saved work ?

what do I have to do for the music to play ?

Please read the whole thread...
If you have the same problem that is described in the first post... then please follow Joe's instructions,  and answer the questions he asked in his replies above.....

If it is a different problem, please describe the problem more clearly....

1) is the program crashing and kicking you out? or is the music just not playing?

2) where are you choosing the music track from? from the library or an mp3 file on your computer or somewhere else?
3) where is the music not playing? in videoscribe or in a finished video.
4) have you tried deleting the music file and adding it again?
5) how many images or other elements are in your scribe?

6) attach the scribe here or save it to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it if you want them to look at it.

-Mike (vidoescribe user)

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