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I don´t find my videos


If  I don´t save my video in the cloud I can´t open in other computer?


One way to share across multiple devices is to save to the online directory, but you can also export scribes and render them into videos too, although they will then not be editable.

You can then put these ".scribe" files that are exported onto removable media and take them with you.

Its says your video is uploaded on your online storage.. Means where??? I didn't find?
That message does not look familiar. What is the exact message that you see?  You are probably either talking about saving a project to the cloud folder or publishing a video on

so the answer is going to be "in your cloud folder" or "on"
you access you cloud folder by clicking the cloud icon on the projects screen of videoscribe
you access by logging into with your videoscribe login information


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