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Hand With Big Whiteboard Eraser

Please create a hand that is holding a large whiteboard eraser for each folder in the hands menu. There are named folders in the hands menu, e.g. Rosie, Matt, Hannah. It would be good to have a large whiteboard eraser for each name.

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I would like to clear (erase) the canvas before making my closing point on the canvas. I think this would be a valuable tool.


Hi Rick,  you can achieve this effect by using the scribble out image from the VideoScribe image library. If you use the search box to type 'scribble' you will get a blank white image that you can lay over the existing elements to remove them from the canvas.

I have attached a scribe here that has the scribble out image over the top of another image. You can import the scribe to see the effect.

Import scribe files

On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right.Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

Apparently, someone did this on Youtube, though I have yet to figure out how he added the large eraser. Any suggestion here?

Rather than need to know (and remember) about the 'scribble out' image, why not make this a new top level option? ERASE.

@Julian - You can create your own hands and import them so I think that's what's happened there. You can share any hands you create on the forums as well... sharing is caring!

@Jerry - We like the scribble out option as it it can be made to cover multiple items at the same time and is drawn in a way to mimic the wipe clean option. But take your point that it could be made more obvious in the application rather than being something you discover on a forum like this on in the help pages.

@Julian - sharing is caring... Open this scribe and you will find the hand you are looking for!

I used a white paper to clear the canva, moving it in with a hand... hope it helps

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