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Resizing a line

I'm having issues trying to resize a simple line. 

All my other assets import within the frame but if I import a line it appears at a much larger size and when I try to grab the handles to resize it, the object moves away from my cursor so I can't grab hold of the handles to set the size. 

Is there a solution to this? 


When videoscribe imports an image, videoscribe only looks at the height of the image and scales the image up or down to "fit" the height of the canvas.

As a result... when videoscribe imports an image that is VERY wide but NOT very high, videoscribe classifies that as a "small" or"short" image and enlarges it, sometimes so large that it is much wider than the visible canvas. (The same thing happens with SVG, JPG and PNG images).  An SVG consisting of only a horizontal line will import very large, while an SVG using the same line rotated 90 degrees (vertical) will import very small. Here is an example of a horizontal line made huge by videoscribe:

RELATED BUG: sometimes if you scale down one of these huge wide images to fit on the canvas, it turns invisible.


For SVGs you can add a transparent or unstroked/unfilled circular path around the wide drawing. Just  make the circle large enough to contain your wide drawing. Doing this effectively makes the height and width equal for your SVG. Videoscribe will then import it at a more reasonable size. (The unstroked/unfilled or transparent circle will not be drawn by the videoscribe hand.)

For JPGs and PNGs just increase the canvas height to match the width and re-save.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Mike, you should write a book.............:) I learn so much from you.


Thank you. That worked. :-)

Thanks Dan! Thanks Andie!

I think I adapted this particular trick from something Ian wrote.
Maybe I'll get that book written some day!


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