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Just wondered when new free images are going to be added to the library? I have noticed that the paid images keep creeping up in price, and now what would of been reasonably priced, (which i would of purchased without question), are now overpriced. especially as you can only use them once!! There is also no blue banded ones (that i have come across) which were promised when the paid ones were introduced... where are these please? 


I believe that there are new images in the library that do not appear in the folders but you can find them by entering a search word.

broad search words such as "car" may return too many images so if possible, try more specific terms like "van" or "taxi" instead of "car".

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


We are still working on some new sets of images to add to the VideoScribe library that will be free for all users.

The paid for images are images created by VideoScribe users which are sold through VideoScribe. The user decides on the price tier themselves. Blue banded images would be images that users are giving away for free and we do not have any control over whether users decide to charge for their images or give them away.

Do you add images to the bank?  If so, how many and how often?  

Yes, they mention it in the blog every time. multiple times each year.

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