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Hand with big whiteboard eraser

Is there a hand with a big whiteboard eraser .... the one used to wipe marks made by a whiteboard marker on a whiteboard ? 

I noticed there are hands with smaller rubber/vinyl erasers for pencils . . . but I am looking for the big ones I mentioned above.

I have attached a scribe here that contains a hand with a whiteboard eraser from an older version of VideoScribe. If you download the scribe and import it into VideoScribe the hand will be added to your hands list.

Import scribe files

On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right. Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

Thanks. It looks good but without the complete set it's kinda useless. I cannot use a completely different hand suddenly inside the video. I wish the hand was similar to the new sets OR even better, every set has a hand with a big eraser like that.

I have submitted a request for more hands to be produced that are holding large whiteboard erasers. 

Thanks. Hope they add those soon.

+1...totally agree. The current small paper erasers are ridiculous for a whiteboard video.

Whatever happened to the request to add hands with erasers? Why were they removed? I need them back!!

We haven't removed any hands from the Library recently. Each of the hand profiles has a white pencil style eraser but we have not added a larger whiteboard eraser to each hand-set yet. You can still get a hand with this type of item by importing the scribe file in this forum.

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