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buenas noches, descargue el programa en mi pc tal cual como lo explican y no logro ingresar, me dice que si deseo usarlo sin conexion debo estar conectada en la red, pero sigo conectada y no me deja ingresar, por favor necesito de su pronta ayuda. 

You may get an error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' or ''To use offline mode, you must first log in online on this device' even though you have never connected before on this computer.

When you open VideoScribe it connects to our servers to download any new images, hands and settings. In most cases the issue occurs when VideoScribe is unable to connect to our servers;

One of the following actions normally solves this problem:

Check your internet connection

Is your computer connected to the internet?

Are you in offline mode by accident?

Make sure that your modem and wireless transmitter (if using) are both working. You can reset them by turning them off and on again.

Check your permissions

Do you have admin rights to install new software on your computer?

If someone else is responsible for the computer network – at school or at home for example – you may need to check with them that you can install new software.

Important information for your network administrator

Check your security settings

If you're on a PC, firewalls may be blocking VideoScribe. If possible, add VideoScribe to the firewall exceptions list.

If someone else is responsible for the computer network – at school or at home for example – extra security may be blocking VideoScribe. Check with them how to install new software.

Check your TLS settings - Windows users

We recently tightened up our security and you may need to check your internet settings if you're on a Windows computer.

To ensure that TLS (Transport Layer Security) is enabled:

Enter Internet options via Control Panel
Click 'Tools'/cog symbol and then 'Internet Options'
Click the 'Advanced' tab
Scroll down and ensure that all of the 'Use TLS x.x' options are enabled
Click OK/Apply

Once you've done this, please close and reload both your internet browser and VideoScribe. This should solve the issue.

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