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payment issue for out sider

Hi to all,
I am from Pakistan. my question is if there is no Paypal services then how i purchase video scribe , and Payoneer card is acceptable   


There are two payment options for VideoScribe - credit/debit card which can be Visa, Mastercard or American Express and PayPal.

Do you have a Mastercard, Visa card or American Express card?

yes I have Payoneer Master card , Can I purchase video scribe through this card?
thanks for replay


1) Click the BUY link at the bottom of the page and then
2) choose the payment plan you want to use (monthly, annual, lifetime).
3) Then you choose Pakistan from the location list and
4) choose Credit Card as the payment option... and enter your payment information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am from an Omaha Nebraska University....and our school visa is not being accepted.  Any help?



1) make sure you are entering the correct billing address for the CARD and not for the university (if they are different) and make sure all other information including country is filled out completely and correctly
2) contact the bank responsible for the card and ask if they are declining the charge for some reason

3) if there is any error message, you could provide that here...

you may want to click MY TICKETS at the top of this page and raise a support ticket. Customer support may have additional information about the attempted transaction.

(also be sure that you do not provide any private financial info such as card numbers here in the public forum.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Paypal is also not working and my debit card is not acceptable as a means of payment (even though it is VISA). I am from India which would explain why I cannot get my debit card to work. However, paypal should work. can you send me your paypal address so that I can directly transfer the money to you? Or raise an invoice for payment for mine at pierreacarvalho.


I'm trying to purchase the 29$ a month subscription, but CC is getting declined.
I contacted my CC company and the are not receiving the transaction.
The information I'm entering is all correct.

Could someone please help as this is holding up a project I need to work on.


Hi Charlynn,

I see that you have successfully purchased a Sparkol subscription.

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