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Hi guys, I recently started using the toll , which was amazing, but i have a problem here, wish you can help me. On Thursday morning, i tried to register my self in, so i entered my debit card number because i thought that was part of the register, and later on i realized that i don't have to because i amy still on the promotion period of 7 days free trial.  When i looked into my account, $40 been charged. I send a message on FB to you guys, Jack kindly replied me and said Best thing to do is raise a ticket with support team and they will be able to took into my account and get the money refunded. Actuarially i did but i still haven't heard them back so i decided to send a message from here. I am look forward to hearing from  you. Thank you


Hi Joanna thanks for getting in touch.

Someone will reply to your ticket soon.

A reply will be emailed to you when your ticket has been looked at by the support team.


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