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Hello, I am a new user. I will use this marvel most,y in my job as a teacher. Your website says I can download videoscribe to all my computers. Can you explain further? I downloaded the free android app in my mobile, can I link it to my paid account? Also, when will we have the app for iPad in itunes Mexico? Thank you.

Hi Dixiana,

To download VideoScribe onto multiple computers just log in to your online account on the computer you wish to install it on and click the download link. The program will be downloaded and you can install it. You can then log in to VideoScribe using your Pro account details. You must ensure that you are only logged in to VideoScribe on one computer at a time.

You will be able to access the scribes you have saved to your online directory on the Android version of VideoScribe although we cannot guarantee that scribes created on the desktop version will load on the Android app. This is due to the memory limitations of the Android devices compared to desktop.

We have recently released an upgraded version of VideoScribe for iPad called 'VideoScribe Anywhere'. Please search on the App Store for VideoScribe.

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