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Can't log in

Hello, I just downloaded VideoScribe and after I entered my email and password, a sign saying that without internet connection I cannot log in appeared. I have a perfect internet connection in my house, but I checked three times just in case. Result is, I still cant't log in.

Any ideas?

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-Mike (videoscribe user)



Can't login, it keep saying' to use offline mode, you must first log in online on this device'. This is on trial mode.

Please, I need help quick.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi RC, this message means that VideoScribe is unable to connect to our servers and will not allow you to log in.

We do have an Instant Answer which will help you in connecting to our servers.

I have just bought the monthly subscription but still when I try to log in id does not allow me.
What shall i do?


Ivan, there is no subscription registered to your account. Do you have another account with Sparkol as you may have purchased it against that? If you can send us the account number from the invoice for your purchase we can trace that for you.

Hello Berry
Customer ref: A00042504

I have created another account too ( but actually did not use it as I thought its better to subscribe anyway.


Ivan, you must have been logged into with your gmail account when you purchased the subscription as it has been applied to that account.


I just purchased  videoscribe monthly subscription.

But I'm unable to log in to the software for pc.

It says "incorrect login details" 

My details are correct because I can login to your website.

ref: Z93104/A-S00057268

I don't know if this bug still exists:
There used to be a bug that if you made a free trial account and then changed the email address that you use for your account, you could log in to the website but not the program.  The solution was to change your email back to the original one in your account information (you can do that through the website I think).

2) make sure capslock is not on

3) make sure there is not a blank space at the beginning of your username or password on the login page

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The email address you have used to post on this forum does not have an account with Sparkol so if you are using that to try and log-in you will see that error message. The subscription that paid for with the reference number you have provided at the bottom of your post belongs to the account so you will need to use that account to log-into VideoScribe.

HI. I bought Videoscribe after a trial. Could not log in: "Incorrect login details, please check... " Same result with Tawe. I changed my password I had had for the trial. I can log in into my account on the website with the same email and new password. Should I change email adress and make new password? I had simillar problems with another program after I installed Kaspersky. But I put the programs on the exception list, tried to shut down firewalls and kaspersky. But didn't help.Any suggestions?
Ludger Funke

Hi Ludger,

I replied to the support ticket you raised regarding this issue.

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