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Export for another person to edit

Hi - if I export a file, can someone else edit that file as if they had produced it themselves?


Yes, you can attach it to an email and send it to them or transfer it via USB drive.

How to import and export scribes with VideoScribe. Import and export your work as editable scribe files (.SCRIBE).

Export scribes

If you're on the canvas, press the save button, name your scribe and select the USB/ floppy disk icon. Choose a destination on your computer to save to.If you're on the project screen, select the project you want to save to your computer and select the USB/ floppy disk icon. Choose a destination on your computer to save to.Import scribe files

On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right.Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

Can you also export via DropBox? Or open a scribe video after it has been published?

You cannot open a rendered video (mov, wmv, flv...) in videoscribe or edit a rendered video in videoscribe.

Using videoscribe, you can only open or edit .scribe files that have been imported, or work files that have been saved locally or online by the same account.

You can save your scribe work as a .scribe file and then upload the .scribe file to dropbox manually (or email it or put it on a USB drive etc) if you prefer to share it that way.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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