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Saving online

The cloud option to save online isn't there anymore, the cloud icon has simply disappeared from my saving options- what can I do? I also saved my scribe to my computer- and when I published it and saved it to my computer, my voice freezes in places so that it is out of sink with the animation. Please help- it's a project that I have due soon.



1) if you created any subfolders for saving your scribes, and you are IN one of them, then you may need to click the  first icon which is the "back" arrow.

2) if you are not connected to the internet or if you are on a laptop and the network card has gone to sleep, you might not see the cloud option

-Mike (videoscribe user)


First, if you are not on version 2.1.1 of VideoScribe, please download and install it.

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

In VideoScribe, on the project screen, you should see a large cloud icon with your email address underneath. 

This is where you will find your saved scribes. You can save a scribe online by clicking on it and clicking on the cloud icon or by right clicking (or CMD+clicking on a Mac) on the scribe on the projects screen and selecting save online from the menu.

If you do not see the same as in the screenshots, please send your own screenshots of what you see.

If you have a soundtrack on your scribe, make sure it is looped. If you do not have a soundtrack, try adding one, turning the volume down and looping it.

For the sound problem, the easiest thing to try is to  save a copy of the scribe with a new name, restart videoscribe and then render the new copy.
Otherwise there are other threads about sound problems that might help you.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am using version 2.0, I can try updating but would be afraid of loosing the work I have there now as it isn't saved online, only to my base folder?

Below are some images showing that there is no cloud icon or save online option.

I see a battery symbol so I assume you are on a laptop. If you plug the laptop into a power source and then restart videoscribe, can you see the cloud options?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


No unfortunately not- it's plugged into power source and I have a strong wifi connection too.

Please could you uninstall the version that you are using, download from our website and install it again.

How to uninstall VideoScribe from a Mac computer.

This process does not delete any of your local scribes - if you install VideoScribe again you will be able to access your old scribes.

Find the VideoScribe icon in your Applications folder

Drag it or move the file to trash

Empty your trash

How to reinstall VideoScribe

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