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Video Length

I'm using VideoScribe for training videos.  One of the videos runs 3:40, another runs 4:10.  Both videos cut at 3:30.  Is this a hard-coded limit inside VideoScribe.  Is there any way around this?

Hi Thomas, sorry you have this problem.

It should work for you.

Can you try renaming the scribes, restarting the application and try a different rendering option such as .Mov or .FLV (please see attached video)?

I believe that you may be trying to render as a .WMV file we have had reports can some times cut scribes short when a render uses a lot of memory.

In addition to what Joe said, I don't think there is any set limit aside from the possibility of maxing out the amount of memory videoscribe can access based on the files and settings that you use, or running out of hard drive space. I think my longest videos have been in the 12-15 minute range for example.

if you have imported a lot of fonts, try deleting any that you are not using.
if you are using large images, (especially if they are over 500 kb) try sizing them down to the size of the video.
if you are using extreme changes in camera zoom try making them a little less extreme (in about the 50% to 500% range for example)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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