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Syncing audio to the visuals

I would like to use VideoScribe to create training videos. Unfortunately, I have found it to be incredibly difficult and time consuming to have the audio match the visual components. Creating one long audio file that matches each visual element is a nightmare (and then when someone wants to make one change to the visuals the whole long audio file after that change needs adjusted...). Is there any way to assign different audio files to each visual item?

The recommended method is to
1) write the script
2) make your audio file, and then
3) tailor your scribe elements to match the audio.

The software is sort of designed to be used with that type of work flow.

I think that only pre-existing sound effects can be assigned to individual elements.

-Mike (videoscrbe user)


Thanks. Unfortunately, scripts and visuals frequently change throughout the review process. I am wondering if it might somehow be easier to combine (and then edit) audio and exported video in a separate video editing program?

Ah yes, that's a good idea. I think other users have mentioned using something like adobe premiere or after effects.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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