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Descargar video


Estoy intentando descargarme un vídeo que he hecho (Experimentales Intro)  para una exposición de clase. Intento exportarlo a Youtube pero me da error. Cómo puedo guardármelo sin ser PRO?

Gracias por adelantado

Sorry you have this issue.

It should work for you so we need you to try a few things.

Can you rename and save your scribe project, close and open VideoScribe again, open the project you renamed and try to publish it to YouTube.


If you still have this issue, can you advise on the following?

What is the error you get on this attempt and is it the same as the previous error?

What can you see on the screen currently and can you send in a screenshot?

Does VideoScribe appear to be responding? Are you stuck on a specific screen?

No puedo subir mi vídeo ni a Youtube ni facebook, estoy en la prueba gratis y al intentar subirlo a Youtube espere como una hora y al final me dijo que no se podía, me urge este trabajo
You should probably save your project to the cloud folder and Raise a Ticket.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


hola no puedo guardar mi video en mi pc porfa diganme como le ago

See the article Render and share scribes for instructions.

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