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Voice over sound not working


I have just upgraded to your latest version and started a new video project. I created a few first images and then recorded a 2min 22sec voice over and it shows it's there but when I start to play my video I cannot hear any of my voice over sound...

Please help!

Thank you very much!

My voice over is not playing in my saved scribe. All of the previous scribes I have saved seem to be working fine. The new one I have just recorded will play when I initially record it, but once the scribe is saved and I add an image, there is no sound. I have checked all of my computer settings.


Hi Andrea,

Please save a copy of the affected scribe to your online directory, let me know the name and I can take a look for you.

Hi Matthew, I have sa same problem. I just registered for the free trial. It worked all well for an hour and then i could not hear my voice over and my music anymore. Could you please take a look and advice what i can do? It is saved on the cloud with the name Emergency fund. I am planning to buy the full version but if i continue having these issues i may reconsider. Thank you

Hi Cristina,

I have taken a look at your scribe and the voiceover and music tracks are playing correctly. Please check that your speakers are turned on and the volume is up; you can check this by playing a video on YouTube for example. Please also check that the audio on your computer is not being directed to a different device such as headphones or a bluetooth speaker.

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