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Voiceover Issue

I am attempting my first voiceover using my internal mic and the voiceover icon.  I did a small test and all seemed to work fine so I proceeded to record a 1min 30 sec voiceover.  I hit the check mark when done and it said processing.  I left it for over an hour and the processing screen never went away.  I clicked on the scibe in the background, the processing box disappeared and no voiceover?  Any suggestions?  Also, should I expect a long delay in processing a voiceover?

Usually the processing should not take too long, it should be seconds rather than minutes, but it does depend on the specifications of the computer you are running the software on. Please try saving the scribe with a different name, restarting VideoScribe and trying to record the voiceover again. You could record a short 'test' voiceover first to make sure it works OK.

You may run into trouble with recording the voice over if the scribe is already reaching the memory capacity. You can check the amount of memory VideoScribeDesktop is using by checking Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (PC) when your scribe is loaded. If the memory usage is getting above 1.2GB then this is where crashes can start to happen (VideoScribe cannot use the full amount of a computer's RAM). If you are already near this limit and you try to add more elements then this will tip it over the edge of the memory limit.


I would suggest that you try to get the memory usage down using a number of methods including reducing the number of images and/or text, not using too many different fonts ('Basic' font uses the least memory), optimizing images before you import them so they are the smallest size possible and reducing the amount of zoomYou could also split the scribe into smaller parts and edit them together after you render them. 

There are a number of free tools you can use to optimise your images which are outlined in a post on our blog entitled 9 Free tools to pimp VideoScribe.

Pre-recording a voiceover:

Use audio-editing software that will allow you to save in MP3 format. Audacity is a popular free program to use. You will also need the LAME plugin to save in MP3 format

Decide if you want to use a microphone or your computer’s built-in speaker to make your recording.

Use Audacity or other software to record and then edit your voiceover.

Save it as an MP3 file.

To import your finished voiceover into VideoScribe:

In VideoScribe, select the microphone icon on the canvas.

Click the file icon (import button in version 1) and select your file. It will load automatically.

To adjust the volume, select the voiceover icon again

Fantastic help / suggestions. Thanks for the follow up.

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