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Login problem

I tried free trial of sparkol and it was working good. But after 4-5 days it suddenly stopped and stuck  at login window. It keeps on saying that i have already logged in on another machine. and i like to inform that my internet connection is not stable so what should i do now? and i can not find my first scribe on my local machine. please help....

1) if you have used videoscribe on more than one machine, then log out of both, wait five minutes and then try to login again on one machine.
2) you can also try closing and restarting videoscribe or rebooting your computer
3) if you are on a laptop, and it goes into power saver mode then you may get disconnected from the internet and you will get the error message that you are still logged in on another machine. Keeping your laptop plugged in, or disabling energy saver options may prevent that problem.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


You need account sparkol account

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