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Morphing glitch

I am using the morph function to show a lawnmower moving right to left across the screen.  My image file is an svg created in Illustrator. When the mower begins moving, it converts to an ugly black blob that I think are the drawing strokes I created in Illustrator. When the blog reaches the left side of the screen, it converts back to the correct image.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!  I've attached a brief screencast to show my work.  Thank you.

Jim C.



During the animation part of a morph, only stroked paths are visible and they are always black and 100% opaque. That is just the way morphs currently work and it is not a bug.

You are correct that you are seeing your transparent strokes turned black and 100% opaque.

Morphing works best with SVGs that contain nothing but black stroked paths (no color fills and no embedded images).

For that particular lawnmower image, a better method might be to use "move-in" (instead of drawing it) with "no hand" to move the image in from the right hand side of the screen to it's final resting position on the left side.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks so much for the info! That explains my problem. I will use the move function as you suggested.  

Jim Camenga


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