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Image Effects

How about some simple effects for images.  Rather than Drawing or Moving, how about "Appearing"?  (Which might just work in conjuction with one of the other features, but that is for another topic!)

If I choose "Appear" for an image, then I can select some options, like fade, spin, zoom, checkerboard, barndoor, etc, etc.  For each effect, I can also select an animation speed (slow, med, fast, or maybe exact number of seconds).  You can look at MicroSoft PowerPoint for tons of ideas for animating images as they appear in a VideoScribe sequence.

Another brilliant idea to make Sparkol VideoScribe even more amazing.

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Hehe, we obviously want the same things : ;)

Agreed. It would be nice to have a variety of animation effects, or the ability to import slides from something like powerpoint. Currently, I have to create the slide in powerpoint and then trying to splice it into the scribe in a video editing software. It would be so much simpler if the animation selections were available in VideoScribe. I mean really for the price of the software on an annual basis, I don't think it's too much to ask is it?


All fair comments, but for me the whale impact of Videoscribe comes from NOT looking like MS-PowerPoint, and having a completely different set of visual tools and metaphors with which to work. You can "appear" or "disappear" something by morphing from, or to the same image that has been made absolutely miniscule (using the Zoom function). Agree that a "Fade" option would be useful, but do not think trying to emulate MS-PowerPoint is the way to go.

I am not asking for a PowerPoint emulator.  I was simply using PowerPoint as a reference for the kinds of image animations that I think would be useful.  Morphing is NOT a viable option, at least not in its current form, because morphing always uses the outline/edge/wire-frame representation of the image during the animation phase.  What I want is the ability to animate images IN TOTO, things like the following:

Spin, Flip, Explode, Implode, Blinds, Squares, Fade-In, Fade-Out, Opacity/Transparency, and so on. 

These kinds of things are pretty simple to do with images, and the software is already available in many different Open Source formats.

Just sayin'...

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