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Image Effects

Currently, if I want to create a scenario where an image moves from one place to another, I have to use the Morph option.  Morph is powerful for what it does, but it does a poor job of simply moving an element from one place to another on the canvas.  The problem is that, no matter how I configure the Morph feature to move an image, it still ALWAYS moves the outline rather than the whole image.

There should be a separate feature (Since you already have a "Move" feature, let's call this one "Path") that allows me to specify a start point, a series of "waypoints", and a destination for an element to follow.  Give me the ability to specify straight line, curve, or (--oh, please, please) bezier curve between any nodes of the path.  (Of course if you give me a bezier curve to follow, then all I need is the Start and Destination positions).  Another attribute of the path would be the time needed to complete the path.

With this kind of capability, you could then move an entire image from one place to another (you already know how to do that because you do it with Drag'n'Drop functionality) without involving the clunky looking outline that shows up between the Start and Destination.

This would be an awesome feature that would get a TON of usage.

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I fully agree. This is a feature I requested too. :)

I'm often complaining, but I know VideoScribe is a very young software. I'm really confident that there will be huge improvements in next versions.

Come on, dev team ! :)

One of the weaknesses of our is that they do not often listen to their customers, but they go off in a different direction giving us something which not many of us use that much.

I believe that the software is head and shoulders above that of its competition, but falling short of reaching its target on basics, too many to mention.

I have a situation facing me which if remaining unresolved will be the end of my subscribing to Videoscribe an d I wait to see how support / dev. respond.

I think that the development team gauges the popularity of a suggestion, and prioritizes changes to the software based on the number of LIKEs your post receives, the amount of work required to make the change happen, and probably some other variables such as management decisions etc.

I agree with your suggestion, so I'm going to add my vote, but without more votes it may not become a priority for the dev team.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you could:
1) use the move-in option to move an item onto and across the canvas
2) make an animated gif of your item moving across the canvas

These may require a little extra effort and experimentation but they can probably be made to achieve the effect you want.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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