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hi there 

can i get videoscribe with arabic lunguage ?

Hi there,

You can use Arabic characters in VideoScribe if you import a font that supports Arabic with the 'Arabic' box checked, but VideoScribe will only draw each letter individually- it will not be joined up.

The other alternative is to create a SVG image of your text and import this into VideoScribe- you can do this by following the instructions in the second half of this post.

Hi Daniel,

This does not solve the issue.  The only way currently to have "connected and visually right" arabic letters is actually using the SVG image.... and it is a real pain.

Can you please push adding the support for that feature (There is a community of more than 450Million Arabic speaker audience... waiting for our production with videoscribe!)

3.png 3.png
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Hi Danial;

I'm also looking forward for Arabic scribe typos, i'm in the field of education and i have a lot of presentations every year; kindly inform us when available.


Unfortunately, Iam going to cancel my order for othis reason it's useless for me

I already did so 

Hi there,

Why not we can directly write Arabic text in VideoScribe with joined character in any Arabic fonts.Please let me clear asap.

And other question is,

Why only the outline are drawn of the text and then filled with color when I import SVG from Ink space.

Please solve my problem ASAP...



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