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voice over

Can the voice over be broken in different parts and added separately to the video using the contain voice over option?

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your question.

You can either record a voice over as a single file within VideoScribe or import a voice over as a single file MP3. 

It is currently not possible to add multiple voice over files.

You could add multiple files to recording software such as Audacity and combine them into a single MP3 file to import into VideoScribe.

That would be the closest option for you presently.

Good Morning Ivan,
is still not possible to add multiple voice over files?




Hi team,

Is the option of breaking down the voice over recording in various parts still unavailable? I have recently recorded a nearly 15 min video using Videoscribe and it was very challenging to speak neatly for such a long time hence I my question. Thanks!!


Yes, if you are recording your voiceover in VideoScribe it must be done in one take. Please see the help article entitled 'Record a voiceover' which contains instructions for recording your voiceover externally using Audacity and importing into VideoScribe as an MP3.

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