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Whitespace at top of exported Illustrator SVG

Hi there. 

Just starting out with VS & getting along with it just fine.

But I have a problem. I hope someone can help me out.

Basically, I am importing SVGs directly from Illustrator.

But when I do I always have a large whitespace above the image, when imported into VS. It doesn't seem to matter whether a logo, or just a straight line. This whitespace is always there. 

I have viewed the SVGs in a viewer, & they seem OK. 

So I guess it is something I am doing wrong in VS

I am using Illustrator CS3 on Windows 7. I have attached a screendump of what I see in VS, compared with my Illustrator artboard

Any help with this will be gratefully received

Hi Ian,

Welcome to VideoScribe!

I believe this may be down the the save settings within Adobe Illustrator.

Please save the file again using these settings:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I tried it again with the settings as per your screendump.

But still the same problem. 

I am going to shut everything down &restart my PC - perhaps Illustrator is having a bad day.

Failing this - do you have any other ideas?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Ian,

Sorry you still have this issue.

I would suggest creating a support ticket and sending us the SVG file as an attachment

and we can take a look at it for you.

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