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Do I get a refund ? I wanted to try a monthly subscription but you have charged me yearly so I have canceld my subcription from BlueSnap. 

Hi Brenda,

I have converted this to a support ticket.

Please check your email for further instruction.


Hi Matthew, thanks for your help

The problem is that I actually intented to buy a VideoScribe Monthly Subscription but in the process there was never an option to select this kind of subcription. So, I changed my subcription from BlueSnap (to yearly to monthly) (I tought this would solve things out) but the charge to my credit card was already made; in the end I had to cancel my subcription in hopes to get a refund and to properly buy the monhtly sucbription.

So please, If you could guide me to the process I'd be so grateful.

Hi Brenda, thanks for your response.

As this concerns your account, you will receive an update via a ticket to keep your personal information private.

Thanks, Joe

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