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Images disappear

I have 3 separate issues with graphics.

1. Some images from the Videoscribe library disappear after the project has been saved and closed. When you return to the project there is an empty box in the timeline where the image used to be. If you play the project in this state it will stop at the empty image placeholder and won't progress any further.  This happens with quite a few of the images in the library, e.g. the arrows (arrow049).

2. If you search for 'line' in the image search box Videoscribe freezes completely.

3. Sometimes imported images do not render when creating the quicktime movie.

I am using a Mac Powerbook Pro and running version 1.3.30

Hi Tony,

Sorry that you are having these issues.

These problems are linked to bugs in version 1.3.30, which is a version that we no longer support. The earliest version that we support is v1.3.26, which you can download from You could try upgrading to this version, or alternatively our most recent version is v2.0.2. If you want to upgrade to v2, please read through our instant answer on upgrading to version 2. In this post you will also find links to the release notes and tutorial videos for version 2. Please ensure that you save your scribes before upgrading.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the info. I downloaded version 1.3.26 but was unable to install because of a certification problem. See attached file.

Hi Tony,

Please see this instant answer on certificate issues- following the steps should resolve the issue for you, but please let us know if you are still having problems after doing this.

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