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Audio Timing

So when I start the timeline at different places, the audio is inconsistent in terms of starting at the EXACT proper timing that it should. This is making it impossible to do very specific timings. Each slide has accuracy down to 1/10 of a second, which is important. But I am having to play the whole videoscribe from the beginning to see it accurately. I need to know if this is a known problem. This makes it virtually impossible to get very specific with timings on a longer slide show. Help!

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Hi Derek,

this is not a problem we encounter regularly.

Could you let me know if the voiceover was recorded in the software or was it imported as an MP3 file?

How long is the scribe?

It would be useful if you could save your scribe to your online directory and let me know the name and I can see if there is anything causing the issue.



Additionally, Just curious: what version of videoscribe are you using?

And are you using long pauses after some elements? In my experience that can affect the "play from this element" timing

-Mike (videoscribe user)


OK before I post the scribe and get into more communication on this, let me respond and ask a few more questions.

So the scribe is about 3 minutes. The voiceover was recorded in audacity, and needs to be.

1) Is there some setting in audacity (or any 3rd party software) that I need to do to make sure it is a more reliable file? I just chose the default, which is Bit Rate Mode: Constant (other choices are Preset, Variable, Average... don't know what these mean) - and the Channel Mode is Joint Stereo (other choice is Stereo - not sure what this means) - and the Quality is 128kbs. Is there something else to try here?

2) I was using 2.0.1 - upgraded to 2.0.2 last night. I think it is working slightly better, but there is inconsistency.

3) I am using pauses sometimes - maybe 5 seconds at the most - are pauses a problematic thing in Videoscribe, where the timing might not be perfect? Curious why you asked this. What would you consider a long pause?

4) About 1 in 3 times when playing the video, it gets stuck on a slide, and then never really properly catches up. This happens A LOT. I am on a 32-bit version of Windows 7 - on a 2 year old PC laptop with 4GB of RAM. Now I purchased a $4000 video editing PC. I may move all of this to that computer to see if it truly needs a 64-bit PC with 16GB of RAM, but it might. A lot of graphics here. Please comment if you think this is necessary.

5) Example of this problem: there is a place where in my audio, I say 5 words slowly, and the slides are timed perfect to write the words that I am saying. Works great if started from the beginning. If I start it right on word 3, it is not even nearly on the right part of the audio.

6) I suspect you will want to see the Videoscribe. I will do that as the next major step with these problems. Please comment on all this if you can. It will take infinitely longer to make accurate videos if this is really a problem with the software, and not a problem with my set up.

Thank you! Great product!

I have always had this issue if I use any transition between elements. If I start my playback on the element I added the transition to it won't play in sync even though if I played the scribe from the beginning it is. What I do is I will go back 2 or 3 elements before the transition element to start my playback than it seems to play in sync. .

When I'm syncing a voice over, I usually have to find that sweet spot for playback. Rarely do I have to start the playback from the start, but I may have to start the playback two, three or even four elements before the area I wanted to check to see if it is in sync or not.


The audio setting you choose will not make a difference to the timing.

When you say that "it gets stuck on a slide" is that the same slide each time or is it different slides?

It may be that there is a certain image on your scribe that the software is struggling with and this is throwing off the timings.

I do not think that your computer specs are a problem here.

VideoScribe has a limited amount of RAM available to it - around 2GB - if the scribe is using close to 1.5GB of RAM when loaded this can cause issues.

You ideally want to try to keep the memory usage below 1.2GB.

If I could take a look at the scribe I m,ight be able to figure out the problem.

You can save it to your online directory and let me know the name.

I believe I saved it to the cloud.... there should be just one there... i think it's called understand each other... it isn't the same slide.... its random... the timing is difficult.... let me know if u see problems

I can only see two scribes on your online directory 'Opt-in' and 'Test'.

Can you double check you have saved the scribe there by following these instructions:

Log in to VideoScribe

On the home screen, make sure you are in the local directory by checking the tab in the top left corner

Right-click (CTRL + click on a Mac) the scribe you want to save online

Select 'Save a copy online'

Give the file a name and press ‘Ok’

You will be notified when upload is complete and it is safe to navigate away

It is opt in

Do you get the problem when you use 'Preview play from here', just when you skip forward using the next button during preview or both?

I was able to see the slowdown effect when playing the scribe - it is seemingly getting stuck on any random image or piece of text.

What I have done is deleted the fonts so that all the text reverted back to the default font and the scribe seems to play with no pauses all the way through every time.

I think if you delete the fonts that you have imported and import them back in again it will stop the sync problem.

To do this:



Not sure if when previewing or skipping. I re-imported the fonts and will watch for that.

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