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Unable to use trial

Can i get someone to respond?

Just downloaded and First time using VideoScribe but it says either: "You are already logged in on another machine" or at times it says: "You need sparkol pro account..."

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Hi Habeba,

As we may need to talk to you about your account details to resolve this issue, I have converted this post into a support ticket.

Hi there!

Recently, I downloaded VideoScribe onto my computer and i had a free trial account beforehand at the email of "" and i am trying to log in from another account at "" and i cannot log in on the same computer i logged on to the last account from. i need to get help today if possible.

i have already deleted the software so ive tried everything.

Thank you very much:)

Hi Jason,

thanks for getting in touch about this. You are limited to one free trial, so you will not be able to log in with a second free trial account. To use VideoScribe you will need to purchase a Pro subscription- you can see the various pricing options here.

Hi there,
Sorry to bother.
I was using VideoScribe free trial onto my computer. I changed my email address and password. However, I cannot log in with this new account: I get the following message: "You need sparkol pro account to use..." Before it, I got: "You are already logged in on another computer..."
I woud be very grateful if you could let me know what I should do to log in with the free trial with the new email address said before and the new password. I thought the time I had with my previous account will pass on the new one.
Please, could you let me know what I should do to solve this?

Thanks in advance,


If your 7 days have not already passed, try changing back to the old email and password.

If your 7 days are over, you do not get another free trial on the same computer or with the same email.

The "already logged in message usually happens if you try to login on more than one machine at the same time or if your laptop goes into low power mode while you are still logged in, or if videoscribe crashes and does not log you out successfully. If you are not logged in on another computer then waiting 5 minutes should resolve the "already logged in" message.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your promt reply.

This is my 2nd trial day. I changed back to the old email and password and it working now. Anyway, is not possible to change them to a new ones? If so, please, could you let explain me how to do it? I followed the steps before and I said in my previous email it didn't work.

Thanks again.



I'm not sure but i don't think changed emails will work with the trial for some reason. You could fill out a support ticket and customer support may be able to help you change it.
-Mike (videoscribe user)


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